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Gift fic for chaosmanor

Title: Love makes you stronger
Author: vampirebitch
Rating: PG
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Beta: My lovely sister! *hugs and kisses*
Word Count: 2334
Warning: h/c, slight OOC, the timeline is probably messed-up (that’s why it’s called ‘fiction’)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Viggo, Orlando, Flynn or Miranda, nor is there any harm intended in any of this. Neither do I know or want to suggest anything about their personal life, this is all fantasy. The story’s just for fun, no money is being made.
Summary: Viggo is surprised when Orlando stands on his doorstep one day and tells him that his wife wants a divorce.
A/N: Even though this doesn’t exactly cover the request 100%, I do hope that the receiver of this story is happy about it. And yes, I couldn’t get the “Christmas” out of the story, seeing as I’m sitting here surrounded by 1000 Christmas-y things.

Viggo knew that something was amiss when he saw pictures of Orlando at an event for the “Romeo and Juliet” play on Broadway. He looked haggard and had dark rings under his eyes. His smile didn’t reach his eyes and there were worry lines all over his forehead. The posters, which Viggo had seen all over the internet, didn’t actually look that bad. But he knew what a little makeup and Photoshop could do, so Viggo didn't have any illusions as to why those posters and flyers had looked pretty good.

However, he sure as hell wasn’t prepared for what he saw, when, late one evening at the beginning of December, he opened the door after some loud knocking. On his doorstep stood Orlando, a small bag slung over his shoulder and a thick jacket tightly wrapped around his skinny frame. To say that Viggo was surprised would be the understatement of the century. But of course, when Orlando – in a thin, watery voice – said “She left me”, he was immediately ushered into the cozy living room.

After Viggo had made sure that Orlando was warmly wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in his hand, Viggo settled into his armchair. “What happened, ‘Lando?” he murmured.

“Miranda, she… she said that… she said that she wants a divorce,” Orlando whispered, staring into his teacup.

“Was there a particular reason?” Viggo asked.

Orlando heaved a sigh and it took him a moment to answer. “She said that we’ve been drifting apart for a while now and the only thing keeping us together is Flynn.”

“And is she right?”

Orlando gave another sigh, rubbing over his eyes with one hand and putting the teacup onto the table. “No… yeah… well, maybe. I don’t know.”

“Did you fight about it?” Viggo wanted to know.

“Of course we didn’t,” Orlando laughed. But it sounded hollow to Viggo’s ears. “We never fight,” Orlando added, almost sounding a little bitter.
When Orlando fidgeted with the blanket, Viggo thought it might be best to ask the important questions now, getting it over with. Almost like ripping a band-aid off a wound quickly in the hopes of lessening the pain.

“’Lando,” he murmured, steering Orlando’s attention back to him.

When Orlando finally looked up and into his eyes, he asked: “Do you still love her?”

There was a moment’s pause and Viggo saw how Orlando opened his mouth and then shut it again. Another try, but Orlando only took a deep breath and finally averted his eyes, keeping silent. Viggo was patient, though, waiting for him to speak.

“I…” he finally tried again. “I’m just so scared that she will take Flynn away from me,” he whispered, clawing at the blanket now.

Viggo could see tears welling up in Orlando’s eyes and put his own cup down to go sit on the couch with him. Carefully, he extended his arm and put it around Orlando’s shoulders. A moment later, though, Orlando was clinging to him, silent sobs shaking his body. Viggo gently rocked him back and forth, murmuring soothing words into his ear.

Finally, when Orlando had calmed down a bit, Viggo let go of him and settled beside him on the couch. Still, he softly kept rubbing circles into Orlando’s back.

“I tried so hard, Vig, so hard… I really tried to make it work. We had such a normal life, you know. I really thought that our little family worked out so well. And then…” Orlando trailed off, another sob shaking his thin frame.

All Viggo could see in the semi-darkness were Orlando’s face and his hands, which stuck out from under the blanket. Red-rimmed eyes in contrast to his ashen face made Orlando look twenty years older, not taking into account that he was apparently underweight. His usually elegant hands were merely skeletal, making the knuckles look like overgrown notes on a staff.

“I’m so scared, Vig,” Orlando said, his voice breaking. “I’m so, so scared about what will happen with Flynn. I don’t want to be the dad that only sends presents and gets to see him for the holidays every alternating year, just because I’m living on the other side of the country. He’s my son! I don’t want to lose him…”

“You won’t, I’m sure you won’t, ‘Lando,” Viggo tried to soothe him. Orlando turned his head to look at him and Viggo was shocked at how young he looked in that moment, a frightened expression written all over his features. When a few tears ran down his cheeks, Viggo wiped them away and pulled him back into an embrace.

“I’m sure you guys will work it out and you and Flynn are going to be alright,” he mumbled, stroking Orlando’s back again. “I wasn’t constantly around Henry when he was younger and look where we are today. We couldn’t have a better father-son relationship if we tried. You’ll have something just like it with Flynn. Don’t worry, Orlando.”

After some more tears and a whole lot of reassurance coming from Viggo, Orlando could barely keep his eyes open, exhaustion showing not only on his face but also in his posture. “Okay, Orlando, off you go to bed then. You can stay with me as long as you want,” Viggo said, before helping him to the guestroom and making sure Orlando was tucked in safely.


The next couple of days were even more exhausting to Orlando. All the phone calls he had to make were slowly draining him of the little bit of energy that he had left. Viggo barely got him to eat and despite Orlando putting on a brave face for most of the time, Viggo knew better than that.

After their very brief fling at the beginning of filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Viggo had spent more time with Orlando, seeing him for who he was and not only for his looks. He loved him, no doubt, but when he had to accept that they’d never be more than best friends, Viggo poured all of his emotions and longing for Orlando into his art. That also meant he watched him closely, trying to figure out little details about his mannerisms and posture, encapsulating all of it in his photos, paintings and texts. Because of that, Viggo knew exactly when Orlando had reached his breaking point.

After receiving a call from his agent telling Orlando that the media apparently went wild over his “too touchy-feely get-together” with Liv – as she had called it – Orlando, who was already distressed, called Liv and apologized over and over for the circumstances.

But when, not even half an hour later, Miranda called Orlando to tell him that she would take Flynn to visit her parents in Australia over Christmas, Viggo had to maneuver him to the next chair, and he exchanged a few short words with her before ending the call.

Orlando was crying silently, his bod shaking with suppressed sobs. Viggo picked him up – which was easy considering the fact that Orlando had lost at least twenty-five pounds off his usual weight – and brought him to the bed in the guestroom.

Hesitating for only a moment, Viggo climbed into the bed as well and took Orlando into his arms.

Eventually, after what seemed like an hour or so of soothing, Orlando’s breath evened out and he fell into a light sleep, huddled up to Viggo who was sitting against the headboard.


The week before Christmas passed slowly. Time stood still and Orlando mostly sat at the window, watching the light snowfall and listening to the ticking of the clock. His hands and feet often stuck out of the blanket Viggo had insisted he wrap around himself, only to take on a faint blue color when Orlando hadn’t moved in a while.

The only things breaking his self-torture were the phone calls from Miranda when he got to speak to his son and the times when Viggo tried to talk to him. When he didn’t show any interest in having lunch or dinner anymore, Viggo even threatened to call a doctor or drive him to a hospital if he didn’t eat.

Finally, when Viggo saw that encouraging Orlando didn’t work, he crouched down in front of him and forcefully turned Orlando’s face around to look straight at him.

“You really need to get yourself together, ‘Lando,” he urged. “This can’t go on any longer. You’re not alone in this; you know that I’ll help you.”
An empty stare was his only answer and he grabbed Orlando’s shoulders to shake him slightly. “You want to be a good father to Flynn? That means that you’re going to have to be healthy. You want to be role model for your son, Orlando? Eat something and get back to being yourself again! Don’t let this break you, ‘Lando, please.”

A lone tear rolled down Orlando’s cheek and he had to clear his throat a few times before he was able to whisper: “I don’t want to do this on my own.”

Getting any reaction at all was freeing to Viggo and he had to take a deep breath. “You’re not alone, Orlando. I’m right here and we’ll do this together, okay?” he assured him.

Orlando nodded and let himself be shooed off to the shower, while Viggo prepared a light lunch for them.


On Christmas Eve, Henry and his fiancé came to stay for a few days, bringing their little girl who immediately hogged all the attention. She wanted to help in the kitchen and, of course, Orlando couldn’t resist her charms when she later asked him to read her the story of how the Grinch stole Christmas.

Dinner that night was quite the affair since the three-year-old wanted to show her grandpa Viggo how well she had learned to eat with fork and spoon, not to mention the chopsticks she had found in a drawer in the kitchen.

After falling asleep underneath the Christmas tree, half covered in wrapping paper, one foot stuck in the lower branches of the tree and a candy cane in each hand, her parents tucked her into bed. A short while later the adults also turned in for the night.


At around three in the morning, Viggo woke up to a grumbling stomach, and decided to get a glass of milk and go back to sleep. When he silently went down the stairs and crossed through the living room, he saw Orlando standing at the window, watching the still-falling snow.
“Orli,” he murmured and then saw that Orlando had heard him, giving Viggo a slight nod with his head.

Carefully avoiding any of the gifts and toys that were still cluttered around the tree, Viggo came up behind Orlando and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him in.

“You thinkin’ ‘bout Flynn?” he asked, sleep making his voice heavy.

Orlando sighed but gave a breathy “yeah” in answer. “I miss him, you know. We should be together for Christmas, him sleeping in front of the fire, underneath the tree, and me watching over him; just like Henry’s little girl earlier.”

Viggo hummed in affirmation, tugging Orlando even closer. He felt a slight shiver go through the thin body and enclosed Orlando’s hands in his own, trying to rub some warmth into them.

“It’s always going to be this hard, isn’t it?” Orlando asked. “I’m always going to miss him when we’re apart, won’t I?”

Again, Viggo hummed and then, after a few moments of silence, said: “It’s always hard not to have your son with you and you will always miss him at those times. But it’ll be a constant reminder of how much you love him and make the time with him even more special. You’ll appreciate it so much more, believe me.”

Orlando swallowed hard at those words, snuggling closer to Viggo and hesitantly laying his head onto Viggo’s collarbone. In return, Viggo stroked through Orlando’s curls and slightly rocked their bodies back and forth in a soothing motion.

“And don’t forget that you’re not alone in this, Orlando,” Viggo reminded him again. “I still…” He hesitated for a moment, unsure whether he should continue. “I think you know that… I have always loved you, ‘Lando. I still do…” His trembling thoughts were reflected in his voice and Viggo chose to quickly shut his mouth before scaring Orlando off.

Instead, the younger man turned his head around and almost had a hopeful gleam in his eyes, Viggo decided.

“I know,” Orlando whispered, giving a tiny smile and squeezing Viggo’s hands tightly, cuddling closer to him. “I just need some time, Vig, to get myself back together again first.”

Viggo stroked Orlando’s cheekbone and bumped their noses and foreheads together carefully. “I’ll give you as much time as you need, Orli, don’t worry. I’ll be here every step of the way, whenever you need me. Everything’s going to work out, you’ll see.”

Very carefully, so as not to startle Orlando, Viggo bent down the last few centimeters and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss.
When they parted, Orlando sighed quietly but turned around in Viggo’s arms to face the landscape once more. It had stopped snowing and the full moon shone over the white winter wonderland outside. Everything was sparkling and they both watched for a while in contented silence.

“How about we go outside and make some boot and hoof prints in the snow? I have a feeling that my little granddaughter will be overjoyed to see that Santa came to visit us during the night.” Viggo suggested, earning a soft giggle and a nod from Orlando.

And as much as Orlando was longing to have his own son there with him, he got excited by the idea of surprising Henry’s daughter like this. So, after putting on some nice warm clothes, he took Viggo’s proffered hand and let himself be pulled out into the still of the winter night.



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Dec. 25th, 2013 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you, dearest Secret Author! I love the story you tell, the way you let me feel what the characters are experiencing, and how they are finding their way back to each other. This is exactly the fic I wanted! <3
Dec. 27th, 2013 11:50 pm (UTC)
Dec. 30th, 2013 07:12 pm (UTC)
Sad with nice touches of sweet. Very nice
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