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Gift fic for salable_mystic

What my recipient asked for: Oh, I'm easy ... something happy and fluffy, and then the scenario is not so important - but if you want guidelines, here you go: a meeting between V & O in 2026? Or at the '25 years of LOTR' party`? Or next year? Or this Christmas? Or ...? Or some New Zealand fic, ... whatever works for you, seriously. AU is also fine - maybe in space?

Author's note:  I really hope you are as easy as your prompt – but this is definitely fluffy and happy at least. It also happened around Christmas time, and is very NC-17. I'm very sorry for the title.

Author: zee113

Title: Santa Claus Is Coming

The knock on the door was quiet and timid, and Viggo smiled to himself. He adjusted his red coat and his belt, and drank a bit of water from the glass on his desk. He had time.

The second time, the knock was a bit louder and longer, but it sounded even more timid if possible. The candlelight shivered in some invisible draft and the bells on the Christmas tree chimed softly.

“Come in,” Viggo called out.

The door opened a bit and a skinny elf slipped in. Orli.

“Merry Christmas, Santa” he whispered.

“Merry Christmas, Orli,” Viggo replied. “Can I help you?”

Orli fidgeted a bit but wouldn't answer. The bells on the Christmas tree chimed in harmony with those sewn on the bottom of his tunic and the candle on Viggo's desk flickered.

“Orli, what can I do for you?” Viggo asked a bit impatiently. Christmas was only a few days away, and he didn't have time for this. Even when he had a fairly god idea why Orli was in his office.

“Did A...” Orli had to stop and restart his question. “Did Astin talk to you?”

“Yes, and so did Hugo.”

“Ugh.” Orli looked like he was about to cry.

“Anything you would like to say?” Viggo didn't have to be stern, not with Orli, the boy was softhearted like very few elves. But Viggo wanted to be a bit hard on him.

“I... I'm sorry, Santa,” Orli was almost in tears. “I didn't mean to... I didn't mean to break them but I was clumsy and I fell and...”


Orli closed his mouth quickly but his hands kept moving. They showed his distress clearly.

“You know I have to discipline you for all the broken Barbies,” Viggo continued. Astin was a bastard sometimes but he was mostly right. “The dollmakers had to work some extra time to make up for what you destroyed.”

“I know,” Orli whispered. “They told me.” He cringed slightly at the memory. Viggo was sympathetic but didn't show it.

“They asked me to give you some rightful punishment,” he explained to Orli. “Not because of the broken dolls but because you were playing around, not paying attention, not being careful. And I have to agree with them on that.”

Orli bowed his head in misery.

“So come over here...”

Orli approached the desk meekly.

“Here, closer. On this side.”

When Orli was close enough, Viggo stood up and pulled him even closer. Brown eyes were looking at him with apprehension.

“Lean on my desk.”

It was clear Orli didn't understand what was happening, but under the nervousness Viggo could see trust. He was happy about it; he really wanted everyone to be happy at the North Pole.

That's why he had to deal with the situation at hand.

He pushed Orli on the desk until he practically lay on it. He kept his left hand on Orli's back as a reminder, and with his right hand, he slapped him on the butt.

Orli moved as if he wanted to stand up, but Viggo pressed a bit harder with his left. With his right, he kept spanking Orli.

After ten slaps, when he felt Orli give himself over to the spanking, he let go of his back.

“Stay like this,” he warned.

He pulled Orli's leggings down, nodding approvingly at the lack of undergarments.

“But...” Orli started to protest.

“I said, stay,” Viggo reminded him. “And not a word.”

The ass in front of Viggo was nice and rounded and slightly pink because of the spanking Viggo had already given it. Enticing. He stood up, and slapped Orli's ass again, smiling at the bounce. Nice.

He got into the spanking a lot easier than he thought he would. Orli's ass warmed up nicely and he made little moaning noises that gave Viggo a hard-on. It didn't take long for Viggo to change the course of his actions.

He kneeled down behind Orli, and started to kiss him better. First the cheeks with little butterfly kisses.

“What...?” Orli tried to get up, turn around, but Viggo was having none of it.

“I said stay.”

He went back to his self-appointed task and kissed Orli's ass some more. But now he was closing in on his hole that was pink and looked ready for anything Viggo could dish out.

Orli'ass tasted of fresh snow and gingerbread cookies, and Viggo couldn't get enough of him. He also gave out little breathy moans now that drove Viggo crazy. He licked Orli's hole, making him wet and loose, penetrating him with his tongue more and more often.

“Oh my...” Orli moaned. “San... ta...” And then, almost coherently, “More. Give me more.”

That was all Viggo needed to hear. He brought his hand to the game, penetrating Orli first with one and then two wet fingers. The other hand found Orli's cock that was nice and hard, precum beading at the tip.

When he felt Orli was ready and desperate enough, Viggo stood up and undid his pants.

“Orli, do you want me to...? Will you let me?” He had to ask.

“Yes.” It came out like a plea.

“Are you sure?”

“YES! Don't ask just do it!” Orli's face was now turned to him and he looked at him with hunger. Viggo shivered under the intensity.

He took his cock in his hand and guided it to Orli's ass. His hole looked open and inviting. It looked like the best thing Viggo ever saw, and he pushed in slowly.

It was the best thing Viggo ever felt.

Orli whimpered and Viggo stopped mid-thrust, but then Orli started moving back unto him and Viggo lost it. He rode Orli fast and hard, short jabs alternating with long thrusts until Orli was a writhing mess on his desk and he felt like even his skin was on fire. He wanted to fuck and never stop because it was so good and he wanted to come his brain out. He grabbed for Orli's cock again that was bouncing against the desk, and palmed it as carefully as his near-orgasming brain let him.

“Please...” Orli whimpered and Viggo doubled his efforts. His orgasm was very close, he felt it in the curling of his toes and tingling in his scalp, but he could feel Orli shaking as well. Orli's lips were moving restlessly and it was so beautiful Viggo had to kiss him. Neither of them had enough breath for a proper kiss the way Viggo wanted it though, so he gave Orli a finger instead. The way Orli suckled on it made him double his efforts.

He only had one thought now, to make Orli come before his own climax made him lose his mind. It was a close race of stuttering hips and more and more erratic thrusts. When they finally came, at the same time, it was like a revelation. They spilled their seed, Orli on the desk and Viggo inside Orli, and it felt like communion.

Viggo lay on top of Orli who lay on the desk bonelessly, and felt his cock slip out. He didn't have the strength to do anything, so they just lay there in their awkward face- to-face position, exchanging gentle kisses with their eyes closed.


When he could finally move, Viggo lifted off of Orlando and sat back on his armchair. He gently pulled Orli to himself and cuddled him in his lap. Orli moaned and burrowed into Viggo's neck, slipping his arms around Viggo's waist.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Viggo was fairly sure Orli was just blissed out, but it felt good to make sure he didn't push him too hard. He pressed a kiss into Orli's curls.

Orli just cuddled closer and kissed his collarbone, and that was as good an answer as anyone could ask for.

Viggo grabbed the remote from his desk despite the slight protest coming from Orli at his movements, and turned off the camera. He would never get used to it, but sometimes he could forget.

“Don't you find it strange?” Orli asked, or rather, mumbled into his neck.

“Strange? What?”

Orli sat up a bit, but didn't give up the cuddle which was just as well.

“That people would want to see this... us.”

“Strange? Yeah...” Still to this day, Viggo couldn't figure out why anyone would want to see his old bones having sex. Orli on the other hand... that was clear as day. He was breathtakingly gorgeous when he came. That's why Viggo never let Orli's face show on camera when he climaxed.

Orli stretched and got up. He yawned hugely, then pulled up his green leggings and fixed his tunic. Viggo sighed to himself at the disappearance of such beauty, then chuckled.

“Having fun, old man?”

“I really liked our scene today,”Viggo tried to steer the conversation away from sappiness.

“Lemme see...” Orlando turned to the computer screen that was discreetly hidden under a cover. He clicked a few times while Viggo dressed, then grinned victoriously. “Twenty-five thousand hits! A new record!”

“I hope Bean will be happy.” He would, no matter what; he also watched them secretly. Viggo found it out one day when he found him with his dick in his hand. Bean was so occupied he couldn't click away from the website he wanked to before Viggo saw what he watched. They never talked about it, but Viggo didn't mind having the upper hand.

“Should we celebrate?” Orli gave him a mischievous smile and Viggo laughed.

“It's really flattering how insatiable you are...”

“Only for you, old man!” Orli jumped on him like a monkey, and tried to kiss him breathless.

“None of that now!” Viggo was using his Santa voice again and the Christmas ornaments nodded approvingly. “We got work to do.”

“Fine, fine,” Orli pulled back a bit before giving Viggo a final kiss. “Tonight, then.”

“Yeah, tonight.” Viggo patted Orli's ass, then turned him towards the door. “Go now, cheer up the team, and make yourself useful.”

“I thin they're plenty cheered up,” Orli winked. “Some of them watched us, I'm sure.”

Viggo groaned. He had to deal with cheeky workers after every performance. But then again, when he looked at Orli, he knew it was worth it.

Orli giggled and opened the door.

“Hey, would you mind...” Orli looked back at him with such open love on his face that Viggo had a hard time continuing.

“I love you,” he said instead, and the candles, bells, ornaments, his whole fucking office smiled in agreement with him.

“Me too.” Orli replied, and for a moment, nothing else existed. Then their hearts started beating again and only the promises in their eyes reminded them of the most important thing.

“What can I do for you, Santa?” Orli asked, and Viggo needed a second to remember.

“Would you please send in Ian the head elf? And Dom. I need to talk to him about Prancer.”

“Sure. See ya later, yeah?” With a last smile, Orli was out the door. Viggo was sure the room got a bit darker but he was a sap.

So people really liked them as Santa and his elf, he mused. He never would have thought. But it was actually easier for them, since it was what they were: Santa and his very favorite elf. The videos were mostly for fun, although the income they provided helped to make the North Pole a bit more comfortable and technically up-to-date. That's how he got the jacuzzi Orli was so fond of.

He sighed and pulled up the naughty-or-nice list again on the computer. As he looked at it, he smiled to himself.

“Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope yours will be as nice as mine,” he murmured to no one in particular, and started copy-pasting. Astin would have a fit, but everyone would go on the nice list this year. He was the boss, after all.

Merry Christmas, y'all!</i>



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Dec. 28th, 2013 12:08 am (UTC)
sweet,great story.
Dec. 29th, 2013 03:39 am (UTC)
I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Santa the same again!

Great story!
Dec. 30th, 2013 02:35 am (UTC)
Lucky elf
Jan. 2nd, 2014 12:21 am (UTC)
Hahahahaha, Santa Viggo and his favorite elf Orlando providing porn videos to better their income? *rofl* That is the most hilarious story ever!! And sexy, of course. ;)
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